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This EP was recorded and mixed at Gabriel Albelo's house with the aid of family,good luck and hanging rugs. We hope you enjoy it and listen to it as loudly as possible for the best possible effect.


released October 9, 2011

Gabriel Albelo: Guitars, Vocals
Eugenio Jimenez: Bass
Ricardo Santana: Drums

Mixed by: Gabriel Albelo, Glen Albelo
Engineered by: Glen Albelo
Produced by: The Blue Runes
Lyrics and Artwork: Gabriel Albelo



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The Blue Runes Puerto Rico

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Track Name: Stream Fog
All through the night
A shadow bites upon my bed
And death has come
To sing his song upon my head

The girl that won’t get far from none
There having fun
I’ll stay in bed till there all dead
That’s what I said

A son of a son
Like no other one
Oh I am dead
Yes it’s in my head
Track Name: Morning Evening Sun
Sit and stare the morning glare
My, my! A loving flare
Other tongues spring through the breeze
Reminding me of other seas

In the garden of the morning evening sun

Sky turns red, the day is fed
Mountains in my head
My little friends, they'll sing and shout
Rambling, the day is out

In the garden of the morning evening sun
Track Name: Call Out The Birds
There you go how
Here right now
And you got it
And you want it many times
And you’ve got to realize

Take a distant star throw it in the sea
Make it into a different part of reality
Ask the seven questions to the staring eye
Maybe you can hear yourself in disguise
Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh

Speak some empty words a moment in time
Call out to the birds humming softly rise

And you’ve got it
Here right now
Yet you want it
And it’s only some mistake
Just to ask me can we take

Write of the night with many lines
Stick it up, make it up right outside
Answers will come in many different ways
Ready for the moment in a distant shade
Track Name: Evil Eyes
I have a girl and she’s like none
Wears some flowers when we’re having fun
I can’t believe I have her when I stare
I got a sweet woman that’s all I care

You know she's so fine
She's got devil eyes
She's got long black hair, so fair

I know that we’re lucky together
I don’t care if it don’t last forever
I just want to enjoy the time
Me and my honey we’re doing just fine

We spend all our days together
Sunny afternoons stay in bed forever
She’s a little flower girl all the time
I got a little lady and she’s all mine
Track Name: Into The Cave
“If I fell today and be undone
Would you carry on and get it done?”
“Live to fight and breathe another day
Slay the awful beast and let it pray”

This he said to me dwarf of hills
With a look that gave me utter chills
In we went to meet our own end
Silence in the dark with swords in hand

Slew the beast upon its golden mound
Chanting grew to a glory sound
Home we came with much praise
Glory in our hearts and a treasure case